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Justin B. Chernalis

At 17, Justin began his studies at the Culinary Institute of America where he attended classes. He then studied under their family’s restaurant famous French Chef Claude Debeir for several years before gaining complete realm of the restaurant kitchen. Since leaving his family’s business, Justin owned 2 very successful businesses in a 15 year timeframe. Justin still was curious about healthy cooking while retaining a healthy lifestyle. Justin wanted to form a company based on healthy raw alternative foods free of pesticides and chemicals and supplements to help combat aging.

In 2008, Regeneration USA was created.  Justin Chernalis, Founder of Regeneration USA has over 10 years of dedicated experience and understanding of the inner workings, the delicate chemistry, and hardcore mechanics of the human body and how the body is affected by the modern-day stressors of today’s fast-paced, over-worked, and unbalanced lifestyle, which is literally a “killer” to our beauty, health, and longevity.

Justin wanted to create a product he could take on the road with him as an alternative to fast food. The Anti-Aging Whole Food Bar was created, made from all organic raw foods to help with aging skin body and mind in a fast paced world.  Focused on staying healthy and looking good as we age Justin started his studies on Anti-Aging foods and supplements to help slow and reverse the aging process. Since the creation of the whole food bar he has also added several organic raw supplements to Regeneration’s line.



Ernie holds a Mechanical Engineering Degree and has worked in many different companies since 1985. His entrepreneurial spirit has enabled him to startup Five (5) successful companies during this timeframe. His vast business experience has been working in the Engineering, Garment, Real Estate and Telecom Industries. This was a result of growing up in strong business family while growing up in New York City.  In February 2008, Ernie partnered up with his business associate Justin Chernalis and together formed Regeneration USA with the goal of leading a healthier lifestyle by providing the purest food and supplement products to the world.

Regeneration USA, LLC  Whole Food Products USA - P.O. Box 10, Alpine, NJ 07620-0010
Contact Us:  Tel: 1-201-215-9992

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Jeffrey A Rapaport, MD is certified by the American Board of Dermatology. He is a Fellow of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.  Dr. Rapaport is listed as a "Best Doctor" by New York Magazine.


Heidi Regenass,
M.D. is a board certified Plastic Surgeon and an international expert in nutrition, health, exercise, and beauty. Dr. Heidi is also the author of the Anti-Aging Cook Book.





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